OK, I finally decided to start blogging

After reading many blogs before they were popular and seeing how popular they have become. I have decided to throw my hat in the ring. I have always had an interest to write, but have never been able to make a decision on what I should actually write about. I am not a famous person or author, nor I am seeking such fame. Just a place to express my opinions and maybe improve my writing skills in the process.

I actually got inspired by reading a friend’s blog: Notes in the Key of Life

Thanks Cindy, for giving me the motivation to start blogging.

I will be commenting on a wide variety of subjects. These may be things of local interest, national or world interest, or religious in nature.

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. I am looking forward to the journey


One response to “OK, I finally decided to start blogging

  1. Congrats, Terry! I’ll put you on my “blogroll.” If you need any suggestions or advice, I’ll be happy to offer what little knowledge I have. I’ve been blogging since fall of 2003, and I really enjoy it. It’s become a great outlet for me. I look forward to reading more!

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