Moving up the ranks = stupidity

I have been observing a phenomenon recently that is disturbing. I have noticed in both Christian circles and secular circles that it seems when people get promoted they lose all of their common sense and intelligence. They expect things to be done a certain way without any consultation with the people who actually have to do the work, even though they may have asked for something that is almost if not totally impossible. They expect things to be done “just because they say so”

This is a disturbing trend because leadership should be able to be trusted. Trust and respect are virtues that are earned not demanded.

Lest any one reading this thinks that I do not know what I am talking about, I spent three years in a management level position and saw things that would make your skin crawl, all in the name of “Christianity”

Do people forget that they were once the “grunt worker” at one time. Have expectations become so unrealistic that people just become totally frustrated.

Where are the people in management who think with their heads and come to logical conclusions without abusing those under their authority??

We wonder why there is so much discord in this world? We hear about workplace violence, etc? What causes people to do such evil and heinous things in the workplace? Ultimately we know that it is sin, but we also must ask the question, “Were these people provoked in any way?”

It seems that there is a greater pressure to succeed in both Christian and secular worlds and that pressure has become greater with each passing year. There is nothing wrong with doing excellent work and succeeding at the task set before you. But are we doing these things while failing to see that we are abusing and disrespecting people in the process?

I am not painting with a broad brush and saying that everyone in a position of leadership is stupid. There are a few that I have observed that once promoted, have proven my theory by their actions.. When I start seeing some of the same abuses in the Christian community that I expect in the secular environment because they do not know the Truth or care to uphold the truth, then I start to wonder about what principles guide the Christian community or if they are borrowing their lines from the secular corporate board room? These abuses are a shame to the cause of Christ.

That is my opinion…. I welcome yours….


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