Daily Musings

There are several different things on my mind today, so I will try to address each one in this post.

Does anyone know the difference between Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable?

This is a major pet-peeve of mine. In my job I have to call various facilities to follow up on past due balances. I always identify myself and the company that I work for and let the person who is answering the phone that I need to speak with someone in Accounts Payable. More often than not, I get transferred to the Accounts Receivable folks and then they get frustrated because they have to transfer me to the right person. I never thought that the difference was that difficult, but I guess it is for some people!


That is an understatement for me this week. I am supposed to be designing some slides for our worship services at church, but the people who comprise the team have not contacted me with any information. I called a friend of mine who I thought might have some insight. I learned that I was lacking in tools, did not know the deadlines or procedures, etc. But they want this stuff done by Sunday.. Good luck on that one. And we wonder why things are so messed up in society and Fundamentalism. Maybe because we do not know how to effectively communicate with people (case in point) and maybe we just expect too much. Lesson learned: If you want someone to do something, please communicate your expectations clearly and in advance, do not dump a load on someone and expect them to work a miracle at the last minute.


It is unbelievable the amount of abuse that is hurled to people who answer the telephone. As I mentioned earlier, I work in the Credit and Collections department and our job basically is to collect money from customers who are delinquent. In addition to making calls, we also take incoming calls. I have been called a liar more than once, even though I never lied to the individual. I have been hung up on, yelled at, cussed once and a host of other things. I just cannot believe that people can be so rude and they do not give anyone a chance. In comparison, the people that get abused more than collectors are those folks who work in customer service. Next time, you call a company for something, please remember that those folks who answer the phones are hardworking people just like you are and they do not deserve your abuse.

Galatians 6

I have been thinking about this passage a lot lately. I do not know what the product will be of my thoughts or reading, maybe a future sermon or lesson.. Just enjoying the time to meditate on this passage.


One response to “Daily Musings

  1. Terry,

    I empathise with you! Same job, same frustrations. It’s a real test of character just dealing with human beings on a day-to-day basis; makes you realise more than ever what a full-time occupation being a redeemed child of God is 🙂 But it’s a great opportunity to prove Him and live for Him in all things.

    Keep going!

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