On My Desk

Right now while seminary is out, I usually try to read as much as I can because when classes are in session, my reading is usually limited to the academic realm and the loads of collateral reading that I have to do within the course of a semester. During the semester/school year, I make a pile of books on my desk which is my “to be read before seminary starts again pile.” Here is what is in the pile that I am working through and hope to have done by late August, early September

1) On being a servant of God by Warren Wiersbe – my wife actually found this book for me in a Christian bookstore while we were shopping for a gift for someone, it was on sale and looks to be a good read.

2) The Anatomy of Preaching by David L Larsen – I do not remember exactly where I found this book, but I am only on page 35 /Chapter 3. So far a good read. I enjoy books about preaching, so I can try to improve my preaching.

3) Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch – I recently acquired this book after using it as a source in an exegetical paper that I wrote last semester on I Timothy 3. I may not agree with him, but I at least want to read the book.

4) From Sabbath to Lord’s Day by D.A. Carson – this is another recent purchase. I have always been intrigued by the sabbath and then the “switch” to Sunday. I haven’t quite figured out what I believe, but I do believe that people are too busy and do not set aside at least one day for rest.

5) Doing Right by David W. Gill – this book was given to me as a gift and it looks to be another good read because it deals with the issues of ethics.

6) Getting Through the Tough Stuff by Charles Swindoll – another gift book. I acquired this shortly after I had my accident where I broke my ankle and left foot in late January. Unfortunately, I have not read it yet, but have made it through the first chapter.

7) The New International Greek Testament Commentary on the Book of Galatians by F.F. Bruce – Another recent purchase. I am trying to build this set up. I already own Knights commentary on the Pastoral Epistles in this same series. I eventually some day want to preach through the book of Galatians, especially chapters 5 and 6. Chapter 6 interests me because of the first few verses regarding restoration and how we do not see this practiced very much today.

Just figured this might be interesting to someone.. then again, maybe not!


One response to “On My Desk

  1. Hey Terry, some day get “Life Wide Open” by David Jeremiah. Excellent book. Am reading it now

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