The Conclusion of our Vacation

I know that I have waited too long between writings about our vacation. Please forgive me if I left you hanging.

Well, we enjoyed a nice dinner that evening at Bistro 1111 which is the restaurant that was located in our hotel. Thursday evening, they had some beef specials. My wife had a Steak Diane and I had a Prime Rib which was excellent. We really enjoyed our stay in Santa Barbara and we will be back again for another vacation. If you are ever in Santa Barbara (and can afford it) stay at the Hotel Mar Monte, you wont be disappointed. We were able to stay there as a result of a Gift Certificate for a free-night’s stay, courtesy of my dad (Thanks Dad!)

Friday morning we got up and checked out of the hotel and made our way towards my mom’s house in Stevenson Ranch. The drive was not too bad and we were listening to KNX for traffic updates. What we were not told about was the 126 Freeway being closed at Castaic Junction, which was a major headache. We got to Mom’s later than we expected, but we made it safe. Mom and I went to return the rental car. The folks at Hertz were very nice and we were able to get the car returned and paid for quickly and then we were able to make our way back home to meet my dad and then go to lunch.

We went to lunch at Paradise Cove at a place called Bob Morris’ Beach Cafe which was formerly known as the Sand Castle restaurant. Many TV shows, commercials and some movies have been filmed at the restaurant and the beach area.

Overall we had a wonderful trip and hated to leave, but we gained a new appreciation for CA. The one thing that stood out in my mind was the massive amount of growth that has taken place in many different areas. I grew up here and left in 1988 to attend college. I have not lived here since 1988. There was one time where I thought that I would never return to CA because of the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, but after living in Jacksonville, FL and Minneapolis, MN, the pace of life may not be any faster, but the cost of living is much more expensive.

Who knows where the Lord will direct us when I finish seminary in a couple of years. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to be able to relocate back to CA.

I will add some pictures later because at this time, bloggers picture function seemed to be inoperative.


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