My laptop is dead

Well, I just found out that my laptop is now almost dead, on life support you could say. There is a problem with the power supply and I am not sure if it is even repairable or cost-effective to do so. I am typing this from the seminary library right now, so my posts will be limited until I find out my options.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding the purchase of a new laptop, please let me know. However, I do not think I will be buying a DELL again because of the problems and the severe lack of customer service and technical support. I do not feel like talking to people who are halfway around the world and they do not speak good English. DELL needs to wake up and realize that they will lose market share because of issues related to quality and customer service.


One response to “My laptop is dead

  1. Terry:
    Thanks for the good advice. My laptop of the same brand met its demise this morning. It’s been on life support for a couple of months. Life support died today as well. I am breaking in a foreign make. Let’s see how it goes.

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