Back up and running…somewhat

Well, I am back up and running. I have reinstalled most of my software and got Quicken data back on line as well, but now I have a new laptop… I have a Toshiba now, which incidentally enough, when I bought my first laptop in 1998, it was a Toshiba. It was a great machine and really worked well for me until 2002, when the technology made it a dinosaur and extremely slow to use. I received a DELL that year from my mom as a Christmas present and it was a definite improvement over what I was using. Thanks Mom, it worked for 2 years and was a great machine overall.

I am now back in the Toshiba camp and have learned several lessons from this recent experience

1) Make sure you backup your data frequently. I did and was able to save quite of bit of information that I needed.

2) Do not buy anything from DELL (Enough said, the people in tech support were pretty clueless and were not very conversant in the English language)

3) Always buy an extended warranty when purchasing a laptop

4) Bad things like computers dying never happen at good times!

Posts will still be a bit limited due to my class load, but I will do my best to be as current as possible!


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