Goodbyes are never easy

Today my wife and I along with members of our Sunday school class and church, bid goodbye to a dear couple and their children. This dear couple, John and Tammy, are moving to the East Coast, where John has a new job opportunity waiting for him. When I first heard the news almost a month ago, I thought it was a mistake, then it was confirmed that they were moving away. It is hard to say “good bye” to folks who are not only dear friends, but faithful servants of God.

John and Tammy were a blessing to me in the days before I got engaged and then before our wedding. They were a source of good advice and good information regarding some of the little things in our wedding. John served as an usher at our wedding.

Both Tammy and John ministered to Heidi and I when I was at home recuperating from my fall in January where I was homebound for a couple of months. Not only did they bring a meal for us, Tammy was a great encouragement to me, when I went from using the walker to the aircast. I never thought I would be able to give up the walker, but I eventually graduated to the aircast with a cane. I watched Tammy walk around in her aircast and she gave me some good advice when I eventually used mine.

We shared some good times with these dear folks, playing Balderdash a few times. John was always an encouragement to me, especially when I was going through some difficult times at work and then compounded with seminary classes. I could always count on him to be a spiritual blessing and encourager.

We know that God’s will is perfect and that he makes no mistakes. Our loss here will be the gain of those they will unite with on the East Coast. Our prayers are with you as you travel, as you get settled, as you find a good solid Bible preaching church. We will keep in touch, and hopefully as the Lord allows us to pay you a visit!

I am reminded of the verse in Acts 27:3

“And the next day we touched down at Sidon. And Julius courteously entreated Paul, and gave him liberty to go unto his friends to refresh himself.”

Thanks, John and Tammy for being a blessing to us.


One response to “Goodbyes are never easy

  1. It’s always sad to see friends leaving! I hope you will find other Christians that will be an encouragemtn to you as a family.
    Good Christian friends are very much needed in these times to help us keep on track!

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