We received a report yesterday that our twins (both boys) are afflicted with TTTS(Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). We are scheduled to go to Ohio next week for a laser procedure to take care of this.

We are both anxious and exhausted, yesterday was an emotional day for us. We are thankful for a good pastor and church who are supporting us along with our families.

We know that this is in the sovereignty of God and this is His will — even as difficult as it is…

Update: We are in Cincinnati and are meeting with the Dr this afternoon (1/10) in about 2 hours.
See our other blog for more details: Lange Family.


One response to “TTTS?

  1. I did a search on blogspot for TTTS and found this blog. Were your twins born? I searched for posts but didn’t find anything other than this post on TTTS. I gave birth to twins (girls) August 13, 2004 and lost them both after only 30 minutes of life. I’m trying to connect with others who’ve dealt with TTTS no matter the outcome.

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