My $.02 on the End of the Spear controversy

A lot has been said regarding the new movie End of the Spear. Emails have been traded, blogs have devoted a lot of space to this controversy regarding the casting of Chad Allen in the movie considering his beliefs are diametrically opposed to what most Bible believing Christians stand for.

My question is to those that read everything that has transpired regarding this situation.

Since when have we (the Bible believing community) ever relied on Hollywood to ever get anything right regarding the Bible, Christianity, etc? Many Bible believing Christians are upset about this situation, but I think they have failed to realize that Hollywood is not about being accurate, finding people who mirror the character and belief system of those they are trying to portray in a film, etc. Hollywood is about one thing and that is making money and lots of it.

I do not want to turn this into a debate regarding whether or not Christians should watch movies. For me personally, I do not go to the movies and have not been to a movie theater since 1987. I do not have a card for any of the major video rental outfits. Most of the time I ignore most movies on TV because of the content.

The issue here is that we do have the right to be upset at this situation with the casting of Chad Allen and the movie in general, but really, are we surprised that Hollywood did such a thing?

I am not because their value and what little morals that Hollywood has is reflected in the work that they produce and most of it is not fit for Christian Consumption. The Bible still says, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes” (KJV)


2 responses to “My $.02 on the End of the Spear controversy

  1. Susan Bertalotto

    ETE is a Christian movie company so why wouldn’t they have handled the story with the Gospel? They are supposed to understand the story much better than Hollywood and they flunked big time.

  2. Susan,

    You got it right. But the question begs to be asked, “How Christian are they if they will go against clear Scriptural teaching?”

    I think that they are Christian in name only and not in practice…

    Their Christianity is not a conviction but a convenience

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