One Year Ago

I was injured and laying in a hospital bed waiting for surgery on my broken left ankle and foot. I can remember being scared because I had not had any surgery in quite some time and honestly I did not want to be put under a general anesthetic. Thankfully, I did not have to endure general anesthesia, but rather a spinal and some feel good medicine and I was off to sleep for a little bit while the surgeon repaired the damage done by my fall on the ice.

One year later and I am able to walk and run again. I do not play any basketball or volleyball. I am still able to play golf. I have not suffered any after effects from the injury, but I have two scars to remind me what happened. I also have some hardware inside my leg to remind me also.

I was homebound for about six weeks and then was able to return to work on March 14, 2005.

Now, one year later, my wife is now on bedrest until the birth of our son Joseph Edward (see Lange Family Blog) and the roles are reversed. She was waiting on me last year and now I am waiting on her.

We have grown a lot since that day a year ago. Hopefully we are closer to each other and to God as a result!


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