Summer is almost over

Where did the summer go?

It is hard for me to believe that in about 18 days I will be returning to seminary classes! It seems like the summer flew by.

I am looking forward to being in class again. I have a moderately difficult load this semester about 9 hours with first year Hebrew, a counseling class, a class on dispensations, and our pastoral internship class.

I have been in seminary for four years now and it has been an interesting journey. Now I am watching everyone else graduate. I am hoping to be done in two years, but I am really not sure. Part of me wants to be done now so I can go into full-time vocational ministry and dump the full-time job that I have (that I really do not like, but it pays the bills) Reality sets in and I realize that I need to be patient regarding the completion of my education.

I remember these feeling of being anxious back in Bible college, but I also remember that when I graduated, I had nowhere to go and it was a long eight years before I was able to enter full-time ministry.

Too bad that I was not able to be involved in full-time ministry while working on my degree at the same time! I do not know why, but God does and I have to remember that He is sovereign!


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