Not a good way to start off the year

Well, I must confess that I have not possessed a great deal of motivation to write here lately. I am not sure exactly why. Was it because I had so many things that I wanted to say, but could not find the time to sit down and put all of my thoughts together and compose something worth reading. Or was it because I really did not have anything to say after all.

Upcoming events

We will be moving soon (at the end of February) to a larger apartment, for cheaper rent! We are excited about having more space (161 more square feet). We will be moving about 9 miles away from where we currently are. We have enjoyed living here because of the extreme conveinence of being so close to my job, our church/seminary, etc. but now we will have to plan a little bit because we will be further away from everything.

Seminary is done for now for me. I resume classes at the end of January and I will be getting my MATBS (Master of Arts in Theology with a concentration in Biblical Studies) in May 2008 and then I will resume my MDiv studies. Hopefully I should have both degrees completed by 2010.

A friend has also talked to me about assisting him in a possible book project. I like the idea of being an author and hope that the concept for the book will be appealing to some publishing house. Some have said that all it takes is one good successful writing project that is well-received and that could possibly jump-start another career. I am hopefully optimistic that we might have an opportunity to write and publish a book, but if not, then at least we learned something about the process!

Since I seem to have “writer’s block” — anyone want to suggest a topic for my next post?


3 responses to “Not a good way to start off the year

  1. Just keep writing. You have good thoughts and I follow your progress in school.


  2. How’s the little guy?

  3. Cindy thanks for asking, he is doing great. He and my wife have been gone all last week visiting her sister who just had a baby, so I am waiting for them to come home today! In fact, today Joseph is nine months old!

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