Thoughts on Titus

In our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) class we are concluding a series on marriage and then in June we will be starting a series on Titus. Titus is a short book, only 3 chapters in length, but a rich book full of theological truths and practical implications regarding church order. It is the third of the Pastoral Epistles and the shortest book within the Pastorals. I noticed recently that there are a lot of commentaries written on I and II Timothy, but very few written on Titus alone. Most of the commentaries combine all three books, but devote more space to the books of I and II Timothy.

Anyone have any thoughts regarding the book of Titus, as I start my preparation for the lessons in this book?


One response to “Thoughts on Titus

  1. I recommend: The Pastoral Epistles: Studies in 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus, by Homer Kent

    If you don’t have it and would like it, email me.

    God bless,


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