20 Questions

These are not original with me. I heard them on a podcast from Harvest Baptist Church on Guam (Pastor Marty Herron). They are very good. His context in using them was two-fold: 1) He said that by the time your children are grown and leave home, they should either be able to answer these questions or have the resources available to find the answers. 2) This was part of a series that their church was doing on Christian growth. I have the answers, but will post them at a later date. See if you can answer these. These are a great teaching tool for your children and for your family!

1. What is man’s reason for existence?

2. How can man bring pleasure to God?

3. What are the three elements of obedience?

4. What is the way of salvation?

5. What is the way of surrender?

6. What is your most important daily habit?

7. What are the four essentials of prayer?

8. How can one acquire wisdom?

9. What are the five guiding lights for knowing God’s Will?

10. What are the four essentials of the home?

11. What do I do if I am wrong?

12. What do I do if someone else has wronged me?

13. What are the steps to moral freedom?

14. What are the five “D’s” for daily spiritual preparation?

15. What are the seven essentials about handling money?

16. What are the five tools for time management?

17. What are the Ten Commandments?

18. Can you give a brief outline/overview of Bible Content?

19. What is next on God’s Timetable?

20. What are the five “D’s” regarding discipleship?


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  1. This looks interesting!

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