When is enough, enough?

A weird title and it may not make sense, but after you read what I am saying, maybe you will understand.

You are probably well aware due to media coverage of the tragic and shocking event that took place here in the Minneapolis area yesterday evening regarding a bridge collapse.  This was definitely an unusual and tragic event. With any event like this, the media coverage is extensive.  In some ways, the coverage level was almost as much as 9/11.  By my own admission, I am a news and information junkie and I watched the news for a while regarding this particular incident.

After watching the news for almost a hour and a half, I noticed that we were not getting any new information, but rather they were repeating themselves from what they had been reporting earlier.  Would the best thing to have done at that point would have been to stop reporting and resume normal programming?  I thought so and voted with the remote control to turn off the television and go to something else because there was no new information being broadcast.

The media does a good job in covering these things, but my question still remains

“When is enough, enough?”

Have a good day


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