The California Chronicles – Part I

We have been home for almost one week and now I am able to sit down and write a bit about our trip.

We left the house early on Friday 8/3 to catch our flight to LA. We wanted to leave early because Joseph would still be sleeping (we thought) and it would allow us to have the whole day in CA. We got to the airport on time and through security with no problems or hassles. The flight was great and before we knew it we were on the ground and ready to go. Then we had to get the luggage and we had a good amount of it including Joseph’s car seat and stroller and then off to Hertz.

At Hertz, there was a bit of a delay because we wanted a Camry and they did not have any available even though we reserved one specifically. No big deal, because they gave us an Avalon for the same price.

Once we got out of the Hertz facility we headed North on the 405 freeway towards Santa Clarita with a stop at my mother’s grave site.

We ate lunch at In-N-Out burger. I eat very little red meat anymore, but this was an exception and they always have good food, but I did not want to make a habit of it either! It was good to be home again. My 20 year high school reunion was on Saturday evening…

More later…


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