Part of the problem or solution?

Most people who know me will testify to the fact that I enjoy talk radio. I listen to the morning show here in Minneapolis on KTLK 100.3 FM on my way to work to hear weather, traffic, and whatever else they are talking about. Sometimes it is interesting, other times not so interesting. I work while Rush and Sean Hannity are on, so I do not get to hear them. While on the way home, I listen to Jason Lewis, who is a conservative local talk show host also on KTLK 100.3 FM

As much as I enjoy talk radio, I have to ask the hard question, especially in light of recent discussions regarding the fairness doctrine (which I oppose) and other people saying that talk radio should be done away with. Is talk radio really part of the problems that they talk about or do they provide a solution?

I would be interested to hear your comments and then I will post some more on this subject.


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