Miscellaneous utterings

Here are some things I heard last week, see what you think of them:

“We have said that the troops can stay” – Nancy Pelosi

I for one, would like to know where is her constitutional authority regarding US Troops.  Last time I checked, the President was the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, not Nancy Pelosi.

Global Warming …. communism on crack

What a great statement, which is so true.  Global Warming is nothing more than a crock in order to get people to give up their money, freedoms, etc. for the benefit of the earth.  If you believe in Global Warming, then I have some beachfront property in Nebraska to sell you.

Tim Pawlenty – Conservative

He might as well switch parties, because each and every day, he is sounding more like a Democrat and a RINO (Republican In Name Only) He has also been duped about this “Global Warming” junk as well.  Very sad.


One response to “Miscellaneous utterings

  1. Hey Terry…just wanted to say “thanks” for your encouraging comments on my blog about my diabetes. It really helps to hear from one who has been through it. Thanks a bunch!

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