SCHIP debate

As many of you may or may not know, there is a heated debate going on at the National level and here in MN regarding the SCHIP(State Childrens Health Insurance Program). President Bush has stated that he will veto the bill from Congress that calls for the expansion of this program.  One Congressman went so far as to state the following: “We have a moral obligation to cover our children” Yes, we do Congressman, but it is our responsibility as parents and not the government’s responsibility!

Since when was it the business of government to fund insurance programs? I agree with the President and support him on this issue.

I am a bit frustrated with the whole debate for several reasons:

1) The SCHIP is nothing more than another government program that if the Democrats get in power will make it easier for them to attempt to convert it to National Health Insurance (ala Canada and the UK)

2) Why are adults covered under a Children’s Health Insurance program?

3) If this is truly for poor children who do not have coverage, how come people making 300% over the poverty level (approx $83k ) able to qualify for this program?

Some questions that Democrats and RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) who support this legislation need to answer, but they won’t

The solution to the problem is quite simple, if you want your children and yourself to have insurance, do what I do and other Americans do. We get our insurance through our employer and our employer pays a portion and we pay our portion through payroll deductions. I work for a great company that takes very good care of its employees and our insurance is a significant portion of our overall package. Insurance is enough of a priority for me and my family that I will make the sacrifices necessary to make sure that all of us are covered. I do not own a home, but I know some people that own homes, newer vehicles than what I drive, have cell phones (more than one) and other things, but do not have insurance. It is simply a matter of priorities and what you will choose to spend money on.

I understand that there are exceptions, but for the most part, some people would rather have a government or state handout at the expense of other taxpayers. The logic they use is – why should I pay for it, when I can get someone else (i.e the state and federal government) to pay for it instead, thereby, not sacrificing anything or teaching their children about sacrifice and paying your own way…

This program should be for its intended purpose and not the fraud that is currently being thrust into the faces of the American people.

I love my child and I pay for his insurance and do not expect the government to do so.


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