Did you vote today?

Today here in MN, we had local elections mainly centered around school board levies, basically, the schools groveling at the feet of the taxpayer asking for more money, claiming it is “for the children” and then using it for who knows what.

It is disheartening to hear the lies in this situation.  It seems that per pupil spending keeps going up, the quality of education still stinks, and the government and education types complain that they do not have enough money.  Look at your local school district budget and you will see that the majority of the money spent is for salaries and benefits, not on the children!

My stance is that the school board should learn to live within their means and not ask us for one more cent.  We are already taxed to the hilt and they cannot get enough.  If there are some who feel that there is a need, let them foot the bill and let them send a check to their local school board.

Unfortunately, some of these levies will pass and the taxpayers in those districts will get soaked for years to come because they were fed some meaningless propaganda about class sizes and other nonsense.

This was an opportunity for people to stand up against increased taxation, but voter turnout was low.


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