Exams are this week

Well, I am back to working hard again after a brief break.  I have one exam on Wednesday and a paper presentation on Thursday and then the semester is over.

Like I said, after 12/14, I will be able to post more frequently.  Until then, pray that I can make through this last week.  It has been a long and profitable semester, but it does take its toll on me and especially my family!


2 responses to “Exams are this week

  1. I will be praying that you finish strong. I will also be praying that you do nothing to the glory of God when you are finished–especially if that nothing includes your wife and son.

  2. Thanks and I am enjoying doing almost nothing today! It feels good to have the pressure behind me. Now if I could only get rid of the rest of the debt that I have?!

    Thanks for reading

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