Fred Thompson is out

Today seemed like Monday even though it was Tuesday because of yesterdays federal holiday.  I was extremely disappointed when I heard about 3 PM today that Fred Thompson has dropped out of the race.  I am disappointed because I am not sure who I will vote for.

Giulani – not pro-life, too liberal

McCain – very liberal for a Republican (McCain-Feingold, immigration, etc.)

Huckabee – same as above (immigration, socialized medicine, taxes)

That leaves Romney and there are still many unanswered questions regarding him.  This is the first time since I have been able to vote, that I am quite discouraged about the Republican candidates.  Maybe someone will pick Thompson to be the VP.


2 responses to “Fred Thompson is out

  1. I was a big Fred supporter when he entered the race. However, I think that he may have been in just to add some excitement. Regardless, whoever gets the nomination, and none of the above really get me going, will have to put a Southerner on the ticket as a VP. Let’s hope that it’s Thompson.

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