What next?

I am scheduled to graduate from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in May with a Master of Arts in Theology Degree with an emphasis in Biblical Studies.  The question that I am asked quite often is “What are your future plans?”  I remember being asked this question back in 1992 when I was on the threshold of graduating from college.  Unfortunately, the answer that I gave back in 1992 is still the same in 2008:  I do not know.  Back in 1992, I was quite resentful in having to answer that way while watching my friends get interviews and go off to ministry positions while I remained in Jacksonville and worked my secular job.  Now I think I have matured a bit since then and I am not as anxious about things.  I have a wonderful wife and a wonderful son.  We have a nice place to live (lease is up in the fall?) I have a decent job (not the greatest, but it pays the bills).

I have been pondering the possibility of returning to seminary here in the fall to finish my MDiv.  At best, I would have two years left (mainly two years of Hebrew and some electives, core classes and Greek are complete).  I would really like to have the best of both worlds by finishing the MDiv and being able to serve full-time on a church staff somewhere in the Twin Cities.  Not sure if that will come to pass, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming and praying to that end!

I have told most people that right now if someone were to offer me a ministry position, I would definitely listen to them and would not discount the opportunity.  Who knows what will happen – only the Lord does.


One response to “What next?

  1. Philippians 1:6, “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”.

    God has the perfect place for you!

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