What do we do now?

This has been an interesting week. First, Mitt Romney decides to drop out of the Presidential race, after winning Minnesota! Second, on a more local note, the talk radio station that I like to listen to (KTLK-FM) has now made another programming change, again another bad decision. They have moved Dan Conry who is one of their best hosts and had a good gig going from 9-11AM, they have now moved him to 5-7 AM. No one that is in that time slot here has ever survived, they have all been fired. So is Clear Channel setting Dan Conry up for failure? I think so. They want listeners, but they are making dumb decisions that will ultimately drive listeners away. And now they bring in some unknown from Houston,TX that had been fired from his previous radio station,  roll out the proverbial red carpet and give him from 7-11 am! This is unbelieveable!

Dan Conry along with Jason Lewis have done their best to get conservatives involved in the process in spite of being in a highly liberal area. They are not afraid to call out the Republican establishment when they are wrong.

Regarding the Presidential race, I am still not sure if I can vote for John McCain, since it is painfully clear that he is far from conservative!


15 responses to “What do we do now?

  1. I understand your concern about Dan Conry. He is one of my favorites as well.

    I hope they extend Dan Conry’s time on the air, maybe till 8:30. That way I could still hear him. Maybe Chris and Dan could overlap and have a two person show for an hour or two every morning.

    I am happy that KTLK finally got rid of Landon Perry. He really insulted the intelligence of the audience. I am sure he was a nice guy, but it seemed like he did not really understand the big picture on stuff sometimes.

    From what I have seen, Chris Baker is a good communicator and strong conservative. I think that he will be a powerful voice for conservatives in Minnesota.

  2. From a very reliable source regarding Dan Conry’s scheduling out of the 9-11 am hour to the 5am-7am hour.

    Below are the names of the folks you should contact. Francie Kennedy is the asst. to the big boss Mike Crusham. DO NOT accept being transferred to Rob Morris or Steve Versnic. Thank for your help and tell a friend.

    Gregg Swedberg
    VP-Programming/Clear Channel Minneapolis
    1600 Utica Ave. So. #400
    Minneapolis, MN 55416
    w: (952)-417-3247

    Francie M. Kennedy
    Executive Assistant, Clear Channel Radio
    1600 Utica Avenue South, Suite 400, Minneapolis MN 55416
    P 952-417-3022 | F 952-417-3200

  3. Andy Rasmussen

    I’ve listened to Dan Conry since KTLK went on the air and have been very angry at the station for tossing him around like they have. Lately I have been listening to his show by podcast but as of May 4th it seems that Dan has been completely erased from KTLK’s website. Is this the end of Dan Conry on the air? Someone please tell me that this is a mistake.

  4. Hi Andy, I had the same worry this morning when I tuned into KTLK as I do evey morning at 5:04. I heard Langdon and there was no mention of Dan. I checked the KTLK website and as you pointed out, he was gone. It’s almost like the book 1984, Dan who?? So that’s 2 morning hosts that I have thoroughly enjoyed that have been dumped. I may have to start listening to Public Radio…..

  5. Troy Schmidt

    Dan’s friend Bill Snyder said that he was fired on Friday 5/2. No reason, but rumor is that the suits wanted Dan to change his show. His move to 5am was an obvious sign that they were getting rid of him.

    Dan’s a class act and I’ll miss him. He was always respectful to everyone, regardless of their viewpoints. Hopefully, AM1500 will bring him back.

  6. Conry was the best host KTLK has ever had. I missed listening to him when he was moved to the early AM, but I was worried that his health had gone downhill, so it’s almost a relief to find out he was “only” fired. Anybody heard anything about where he is?

  7. I think it is KTLK’s loss!!
    KTLK lost a GREAT GUY by letting Dan Conry go.
    I look forward to listening to Dan on another radio station.
    Good-bye to this KTLK listener.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear this unfortunate news. I too suspected something fishy was going on behind the scenes when Dan was moved to that terrible time slot. What a disappointment. I wish he and Super Dave all the best.

  9. KTLK had me from the beginning with their great line-up. With moving Glenn Beck to 10pm and removing Dan, I am saying goodby to KTLK too.

  10. IMissTheFirstKTLK

    KTLK started off with a great lineup.

    When KSTP put on a guy in the morning who talked slower than a drunken snail, I couldn’t stand to listen anymore and started searching. (Nothing personal but I need to wake up in the morning not go back to sleep). KTLK had an awesome lineup, which included a great constantly combatting conservative/liberal duo (unfortunately I’m not good remembering names) along with other interesting local hosts, especially Dan Conry! It seems like they went out of their way to get rid of as many of the hosts that I liked as they could.

    Little by little I am switching back over to KSTP. As a middle of the road type, I don’t have a problem listening to strong conservative views and picking out the parts I see merit in, but I find Chris Baker to be very mean-spirited and can’t deal with his level of anger and hatred so early in the morning. No doubt he is great entertainment for some folks, but I just can’t keep my radio on that station anymore in the morning – too much anger and hatred.

    I have also started listening to Coast-to-Coast on KSTP again on weekend nights, mainly because I find it much more interesting at night than learning all about the folks that ARE DEBT-FREE every weekend. We could use more Phil Hendry. I was a fan ever since I heard him locally in LA. Best of Phil Hendry on the weekends would be better than call after call of DEBT FREEDOM.

  11. How do we get a hold of Conry? I think KTLK made a huge mistake and I also liked him a lot.

  12. Andrew,

    I wish I knew how to get a hold of Dan Conry. I thought he might stumble on my posts and drop me an email, but all has been silent, except from those who have read what I have written and have left their comments.

  13. I too am a disappointed KTLK listener. I will still turn Jason on at 4pm, but other than that, I have stopped listening since they moved Dan to 5am and later fired him. I can catch Rush on AM and NPR has started to grow on me. Dan Conry truly represented common sense America. I miss his show every morning still.

  14. This is December 2008, and I still miss Dan Conry, where did he go? It was a big mistake for KTLK to let Dan go, a gentlemen on the air he was.

  15. Was a big fan of Dan Conry and was just looking to see if he has moved somewhere else so I can listen to him again. What a class act while still a lot of fun. I hope he is doing well and will be back on the air soon. Thank you for posting this blog so we can show our support and let him know how much he is missed.

    Oh Danny Boy…where are you?????

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