Sorry for the letdown

I was planning to post more on Logos last week, but a wave of sickness swept over our household last week.  My son and I managed to avoid it, but it got my wife pretty good last weekend.  She is fine now.

I will really be able to dig into Logos this weekend because I am teaching in our ABF(Adult Bible Fellowship) on Psalm 90 and I have a biographical sermon on the Apostle Thomas due on Tuesday.  These tasks will help me get more familiar with this powerful tool.

I am sitting here and I am enjoying the quietness.  My wife is at work, my son is taking a nap, and I am writing this post.  The only noises I hear are the traffic outside on the freeway and my typing noises.  No TV, radio or iPod going right now.  I enjoy having Friday afternoons off.  I have to work harder and smarter during the week to get to this point, but it is worth it.

More later… Thanks for reading and for your comments.


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