Irresponsible exegesis

I received a flyer in the mail this week from an organization that identifies itself as a Biblical health care ministry.  The front of the flyer says “Does your health insurance support the darkness?”  A very leading question and from this, one can tell that they have an agenda.  They quote II Corinthians 6:14-15 with regard to separation and then launch off into a tirade regarding how that people who have health insurance are guilty of some awful things.

They make the following statement:

When you participate in any health insurance plan, you are agreeing that the money from your premiums can be used for anything covered under the plan. (In fact, you are even helping support other plans your company may offer.) You become partners in the health car choices of everyone your company covers, even those choices that are unbiblical.

This is nuts.  I pay for health insurance so that in case me or family needs it, it is there.  This is irresponsible on the part of this organization to make such outlandish claims all in the name of promoting their quasi-communist approach to healthcare.

I agree with the three statements that they make in this flyer:

  • Health care is about more than money – Yes, this is true.  It costs money to have health care, but money is not the issue, coverage is.
  • The Government is not the answer – Yes, this is true.  When have we ever known the government to ever handle a private sector matter better than the private sector?  Never.  Let the government stay out of healthcare and we will be better off!
  • You have a choice – Yes, this is true.  I have a choice to reject the irresponsible exegesis of Scripture and the socialist and communist mindset that this organization sets forth in the name of Christianity.

Literature like this disturbs me and when I get done with this post.  I am placing it in the shred bin…..


One response to “Irresponsible exegesis

  1. I would have mailed it back in their “no postage necessary” envelope to waste their time like they did yours!

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