One busy week concluded… another starting tomorrow

Well, it has been a busy week.  Our church hosted the Men for Christ rally on Friday and Saturday and we were busy both days.  We had over 500 men in attendance plus 90 of our own people who graciously and sacrificially gave of their time to help make this event a great success for the glory of God.  You can read about it here

Then an announcement was made at church regarding our pastoral search that has been going on for a year now.  They have a candidate and he is scheduled to candidate April 6th, 9th, and 13th and we will vote on the 16th.  Please pray for our church during this crucial time that we would know the will of God in this matter.

Finally, I have two days of work (Monday,Tuesday) and one day of seminary classes (Tuesday) then off to Louisville for the Biblical Spiritual Disciplines Conference at Southern Seminary!  I am excited about attending this conference.  I will miss my wife and son while I am away, but I am also thankful for cell phones and email as well!

I will blog about my trip each day and possibly attempt to live-blog this conference unless someone like Timmy Brister or Tim Challies is in attendance, then I will leave it to the experts!


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