Louisville and Southern Seminary – Day 1

Today got off to an early start.  The alarm went off at 5:00 am and I got moving.  I had to catch a 7:00 am plane to Chicago and connect on to Louisville.  Got to the airport a little after 6:00 and then I saw the line — and it was long….  I got in line and was wondering if I was going to make my flight.  I got through security and walked briskly to the gate and boarded the plane and looked at my watch and it was 6:45 am — I made it with 15 mins to spare.

The flight to Chicago was a short one.  It reminded of me the flight from Jacksonville to Atlanta, you are up and then you land, a quick flight.  I had not been to O’Hare in quite some time and it has not changed much.  Took my time walking to the connecting gate because I had a 2 1/2 hour layover.  I was able to use the time wisely by finishing some reading that I needed to complete for one of my seminary classes.

The flight to Louisville was another short one on a CRJ-200 regional jet.  This particular aircraft seats about 50 people and it was packed.  We departed a little late but arrived 15 mins later than scheduled.  This is the first flight where I did not check any luggage and this is the way to go, what a time savings.  I realize that carry-on is not always possible, but for a short trip like this it is good.  Only drawback, I do not have any additional room to bring home any books or souvenirs.

When I arrived in Louisville, Terry Delaney (from the Diary of a Seminary Student blog) met me and we came to the campus of Southern by way of a detour.  He drove a little bit out of the way so I could see the bat at the Louisville slugger museum in downtown Louisville.  I enjoyed the extra time we had in the car to talk and fellowship.

Once we arrived on campus, we went to the Founder’s cafe to eat lunch, I was hungry and the food was good.  After lunch I asked Terry to give me a tour of the campus from a student’s perspective.  While on that tour, we saw Dr. Mohler in Norton Hall and we were able to stop and exchange greetings.  Not bad for the first day on campus, I get to meet the President!   I was hoping to meet him while I was here and God allowed it to happen.  Even though we stopped for less than 5 mins, Dr. Mohler was very kind and gracious to us and made me feel very welcome here at Southern Seminary.       We went on a tour of various buildings and I was trying to take it all in.  This is a huge campus with a lot of activity.  I am pretty good with directions, but in some of the buildings, everything looks the same!  We were going down another hallway and I spotted Dr. Whitney in one of the offices.  I told Terry that I saw him and we stopped and I was able to meet him as well.  I feel like I already know him because I have read almost everything he has written and I have listened to several of his sermons online.  He was on a break and had to get back to what he was doing, so we continued on our tour.  While walking across campus, I also was able to meet Hank Balch from the Lawn Gospel blog also.

After we left Hank, we went over the the Boice Library.  What an unbelievable facility!  I was able to meet Paul Roberts, who is the Patron Librarian and he was very kind in extending hospitality and allowing me to use their library while I am on campus to complete an assignment while I am here.

We made our way around campus and then over to the Legacy Center, where I am staying while I am here.  Again, very gracious people here when I checked in.  The room I am staying in is nice, but I am having trouble getting adjusted to the 50 degree temperatures outside.  50 here is like 70 to me because it has been so cold for so long back in MN!  Terry and I talked for a while and then we headed to his apartment to have dinner with his family.  We had shepherds pie for dinner and the food was great!  I also enjoyed meeting Terry’s wife Krista, and their three boys, Austin, Isaac, and Nathaniel.  Isaac reminded me a lot of my son Joseph (they are about two months apart in age).  Nathaniel slept the whole time I was there, but he looked very cute and peaceful while sleeping.

After Terry dropped me off, I took a walk around campus to familiarize myself with my surroundings.  I went to see what the mealtimes are at the cafeteria and walked around in the Honeycutt center.  There is a lot of activity on the campus.  I was able to call Heidi and Joseph and talk with them for a while.  I am looking forward to chapel tomorrow and I will sit in on a few classes.  I am also hoping I can meet Tom Nettles while I am here.

Right now I am getting used to being back in the Eastern Time Zone.  I have an assignment that I need to complete tonight before bed.

Tomorrow – Day 2 – and hopefully it will not rain!


One response to “Louisville and Southern Seminary – Day 1

  1. It was good to meet you brother! You have a good friend in Terry, and I’m sure he made a great tour guide…lol. I look forward to keeping in touch!

    ‘Brother Hank

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