Louisville and Southern Seminary – Day 2

It is hard to sleep in an unfamiliar place.  I have a nice room here at the Legacy Center, but it is either too hot or too cold and I have to adjust the thermostat accordingly to get the temperature regulated.  I had a hard time sleeping because of new noises or lack of noise (we live near a busy highway in MN) I wanted to get up early and use the health club facilities but I was just too tired.  I was able to enjoy a nice quiet breakfast in the cafeteria.  I enjoyed a nice western omelet, without the tomatoes and mushrooms.

After breakfast, I came back to the room to take care of some seminary coursework that I still have to complete while I am away.  Terry Delaney came by and then it was off to chapel.  Alumni chapel is a very ornate, beautiful building. It seats around 1200 and was pretty full this morning for chapel.  Dr. James Merritt preached a great message from II Timothy, you can read more about it in detail here.

After chapel, I was able to meet and speak with Dr. Tom Nettles.  I have heard a lot about Dr. Nettles from Dr. Jeff Straub (who studied under Dr. Nettles here at SBTS) and I was very glad to be able to speak with him.  In a sense Dr. Nettles has a part in my education indirectly through Dr. Straub.

Once chapel was over, I headed over to the Admissions Office where I had lunch with one of their Admissions Counselors, Toby Jennings.  We had a nice lunch and a good time of conversation/fellowship.  After lunch, I met Terry Delaney again and we went to Dr. Whitney’s Personal Spiritual Disciplines class.  Today they were talking about the various views on the Lord’s Day.  What a stimulating, thought provoking discussion.  I will say more about this later because what was discussed has given me an idea either for a paper or a blog post.  I slipped out of class a few minutes early in order to keep an appointment with Dr. William Cook (NT Professor).  I enjoyed meeting with Dr. Cook and asking questions regarding the PhD program here at Southern.  We spent about 20 mins together and then I went back to meet Terry before the next class.

We went to the Founders Cafe and grabbed a quick snack before the next class.  It was nice to be able to talk about many different things with Terry Delaney.  Just before 4 pm, we headed back to Norton Hall for Church History class with Dr. Kevin Smith.  I must confess, at 4 pm, I was struggling to stay awake, but I survived.  I enjoyed the Church History class with Dr. Smith and it brought back memories of my time in church history as well.

After class, we came back to the room so I could quickly catch up on some emails and return a phone call.  Then it was off to Terry Delaney’s again for dinner.  We were supposed to have chicken pot-pie tonight but instead we had Pizza Hut and it was good pizza.  It has been a while since I had Pizza Hut and it was good.  Since it was Terry’s birthday today, his wife Krista made him a gooey butter cake.  This is a St. Louis thing.  I enjoyed it very much and told my wife and mother in law about it and they said that it would be neat to try some time.

I am finishing up this post and getting back to my seminary work.  Tomorrow I will be getting together with Dr. and Mrs Hauser who recently retired from Central Seminary and are living in the Louisville area.   I have a campus tour scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and then I will be spending the afternoon working on more seminary classwork and taking an exam if my professor remembers to email it to me.

The Spiritual Disciplines Conference starts tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm and I am looking forward to it.  Before I know it, it will be time to return home to MN.  Hopefully the weather will have improved when I get back.  It sounds like the rain is picking up with intensity outside!


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