I have been tagged

From the site of Going to Seminary

This Seminary Meme is part of a competition sponsored by Going to Seminary and Eisenbrauns. If you’d like to be entered, simply answer the 7 questions below and tag 5 other people. You’ll also need to post this paragraph (links included) with your answers as the links will be tracked back to your blog and will count as your “entry” into the competition. On April 30th, 2008, one blogger will be selected at random to win a $100 gift certificate to the Eisenbrauns online bookstore.

Please feel free to modify the question so as to make it appropriate to your situation as a pre-seminarian, seminarian, or seminary graduate (example given on first question).

  1. Where do (will/did) you attend seminary? Central Baptist Theological Seminary – Plymouth, MN
  2. What class do you think has most impacted your spiritual life? NT Biblical Theology
  3. What seminary professor has been the most influential while in seminary? Dr. Jeff Straub
  4. What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced in seminary? Working 40 hrs, being a husband and father and trying to finish papers and studay
  5. What has been the greatest reward you’ve experienced in seminary? Learning new things and realizing that some of the things that I was taught as an undergrad(KJVO) are not true
  6. What are your plans after seminary? Not sure exactly, I will get my M.A. in May 2008, then my MDiv in May 2010.  I am visiting SBTS this week and would like to work on a PhD or DMin here.
  7. How many times have you been asked question #6?  Not a whole lot.

Not sure who else I can tag, because everyone that I know was tagged!


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