Louisville – Final Day – Heading home tomorrow

Well, I am heading back home to MN tomorrow.  I have been here at SBTS since Wednesday and it has been a great trip in spite of a couple of rainy days.  What a beautiful campus and great hospitality.  It has been great to meet a lot of different people while I have been here.  I was able to meet Dr. Whitney and enjoy two days of conference with him.  If anyone ever has an opportunity to hear Dr. Whitney, avail yourself of the opportunity, you will not be disappointed.  I also met Hank of Lawn Gospel.  Hank is a great guy and has a great blog.  Drop by and give it a read.

Special thanks to Terry Delaney and his family.  Terry picked me up at the airport and has had me over to his apartment for dinner three times while I have been here.  He has a super family.  Pray for Terry, he is going to take to me to the airport in Lexington tomorrow morning.  We have to leave between 3:30 am and  4:00 am so I can catch a 6 AM flight home.  As soon as I get done with this post, I am heading for bed myself.

I have enjoyed my time here immensely and Terry has asked me to write a post on my observations at SBTS coming from my perspective as a visitor and someone who attends a smaller seminary.  I will probably tackle that sometime next week. It will be cross-posted probably at his blog and my blog simultaneously.  As with any trip coming to end, there is a degree of sadness and disappointment, but also some excitement as I will be returning home to my wife and son!

I am not sure what the will of God will hold for my future, but I know that my time has been blessed by being here and spiritually enhanced in many ways.

Conference Notes

Today was the final day of the Biblical Spiritual Disciplines Conference.  We started early with an 8 AM breakfast.  At 9 AM Dr. Whitney started with some material on I Timothy 4:7 which states in the NASB that we are to “Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness”.  This involves intimacy with Christ and Conformity to Christ which can be expressed both inwardly and outwardly.  We dealt primarily today with Meditation, which is an essential but often misunderstood topic.  Time is of the essence now, I cannot post all of my observations, but I will post a great definition of meditation

Meditation is deep thinking on the truths and spiritual realities revealed in Scripture, or upon life from a Scriptural perspective for the purposes of understanding, application and prayer.

Meditation precedes obedience which results in God’s blessing.

I will post more later on my conference observations.  Pray for safety in travel tomorrow as I head home.  Also pray for our church, we begin a two-week process of a pastoral candidate beginning to candidate starting tomorrow.  I will miss the ABF time, but if my plane is on time, should be there for the AM service.


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