Sunday was a long day

I realize that it is Tuesday, but it has taken me a while to get back into the routine now that I am home from Louisville.  Sunday started at 3 AM and it was early!  I got ready and checked out of the Legacy Center around 3:45AM.  Terry Delaney picked me up and we headed over to Lexington so I could catch my 6 AM flight to Chicago and then on home to MN.  We were surprised that nothing was open to get some breakfast!  Not even McDonald’s.  I guess we were too early for them!

I made it back home and got to church just as the service was beginning.  I left wonderful weather in Louisville and came home to the dreary weather of MN.  I haven’t seen the sun since Saturday.  It is supposed to be Spring here, but you could have fooled me.  It is still cold here, everything is still brown and in some places the snow has not totally melted yet.  Coupled with the windy, cold and overcast skies, this makes for a real downer.  Global warming or climate change, give me a break…. Junk science if you ask me.

I enjoyed my time at Southern Seminary and getting to meet Terry Delaney and his family.  Terry has asked me to post something regarding my observations at Southern Seminary.  I am currently working on it and should have something by this weekend, Lord willing and nothing unusual happens.

Back in seminary today, I was scheduled to preach on Jonah 4 in our expository preaching class.  I enjoyed preparing this sermon, especially since I was able to use some of the free time that I had while in Louisville to get some reading done regarding the sermon.  I have never preached from a narrative passage like this and it was good experience.

Our church still has tomorrow and Sunday with the candidating process for a new senior pastor.  Please pray for us as we conclude this process and vote on Wednesday 4/16.

I still have a few weeks left with seminary classes and then I will receive my M.A. on May 10th.  I have some work that still needs to be completed before that time.


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