Praying through Scripture/ Two years old tomorrow

Tomorrow, I am going to try to teach through a portion of the material that I learned earlier this month at the Spiritual Disciplines Conference in Louisville, KY.

I have found that by putting what I learned into practice that it has given me a new outlook regarding prayer, but at the same time challenges me to be consistent.

Just in case, Dr. Whitney, if you are reading this, thanks again for a great conference and this is a fruit of your labor!

Tomorrow is also my son Joseph’s 2nd birthday. It is hard to believe that he is going to be 2! A lot has happened in those two years of his young life, but I am also very thankful to have him in our home because he brings a great amount of joy and also a great reminder of the responsibilities that I have as a father! Is he a perfect child? No, he is a sinner like his parents. He cries and has his moments of disobedience. Being a parent has done more to help me understand my own depravity before God than any other thing! It is also very humbling as well, especially when your child repeats or parrots what you say. It gets you to think about everything you say before you say it.


One response to “Praying through Scripture/ Two years old tomorrow

  1. Happy belated birthday Joseph! (I have been to busy that I have not been able to read my regular blogs let alone post on mine as regularly as I would like.)

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