Praying through Scripture revisited

Well, last week I attempted to teach the material on praying through Scripture that I learned when I was in Louisville.  I think that my passion coupled with a lack of time contributed to not doing as good of a job as I probably could have.

I taught through the material as best as I could and even remembered to give people some time to practice what we learned.  The revelation was when I started class this morning and briefly reviewed the Psalms of the day (I taught through Psalm 147 which was one of the Psalms of the day)

However, when I asked for feedback from the class members to see what they had to say after trying it for a week, I got only one response and I think that was given to “save face” so to speak.  I was very disappointed.  I have been thinking about it all day.  I acknowledged that I tried to teach too much material in a short amount of time, but I did provide the class with a two page handout that would supplement what I taught and would have filled in some of the questions that they might have had.  I realize that this method is a tool and that people will generally look on something new with a fair amount of suspicion.  What made the difference for me was when Dr. Whitney gave testimony that he had been using this method since 1985!

Who knows, maybe Dr. Whitney will get invited here to either the church or seminary sometime in the near future and he will be able to undue what I have done!


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