Dan Conry and Clear Channel

Well, I knew something was going to happen… Looks like KTLK has parted ways with Dan Conry. Go to their website and you will notice that his bio is gone. I knew that this was going to happen when they moved Dan from 9-11 to 5-7 am. I listened via the podcast and felt that Dan was doing a great job in spite of the awful time-slot that they put him in. I feel bad for him because he just bought a house and is engaged to married soon. What an awful time to have something like this happen!

What else do you expect from Clear Channel? They have a long and distinguished history of making really bad personnel moves that alienate their listeners. In radio, the more listeners you have, the better things are! In Clear Channel’s case with KTLK, they seem to be going in reverse. Maybe when the last remaining advertisers pull their slots, then maybe they will wake up and realize that they cannot reverse the inevitable collision course that they are on.

See my earlier post on this subject. I predicted this back in February only I wish it had not come true


40 responses to “Dan Conry and Clear Channel

  1. It sucks! I am depressed over this – he was influential to me regarding politics which I didn’t care about for most of my life. He was fun and real. I just hope he is ok and that he can find something fulfilling in his career. Selfishly I would like to hear him again. I think many people feel the same way.
    It’s like someone died…

  2. You’ve got to be kidding!!!!! I actually turned on my radio early (at 5:00 a.m.) to listen to Dan Conry. He was the best thing that happened to KTLK. Several of us even went to the State Fair where he was positioned on the Fairgrounds to meet him. He was A “Great Guy”, “Honest”, and, actually polite to the callers. I guess I’ll go back to listening to KSTP. It’s a Real Disappointment to have him gone.

  3. If you learn about where about where Dan Conry ends up getting another job, can you let us know? He was the BEST and funniest host I have ever heard…. Well next to Glenn Beck.

  4. I could not believe it when I called KTLK Monday morning May 5th and am told “Dan got let go from the company.” This is word for word. I listened to him every morning. Started when he was on 9-11. I knew something was wrong when I did not hear his famous music. Even when he was out for the day Dan’s music would play. I quarantee it this will turn out to be a bad move. He was too popular and the hours they stuck him with. Dan and Jen where ever you are I wish you the best and we don’t have to worry about Dan he will come back bigger and better. This is what he preached “move on”. Best wishes. Carol

  5. I am so MAD that Dan is gone. I love listening to him. He gave an informative and entertaining show. I loved that he included the listeners as much as he did. The Listeners were always giving a chance to make their point even if they were out in space with thier idea. Dan, you will be missed so much!!!!

  6. As long as KTLK fired Dan and does not care about its listeners, I for one will not use the products advertised on KTLK and will let the companies know of my disgust for KTLK

  7. I just found out today that Dan got fired from KTLK and I am in shock! He was so honest, so funny, energetic, and kind to all his callers.
    KTLK has made a huge mistake! Like so many have said already, moving his timeslot to 5AM was a slap in the face. I hope Dan is hired by another radio station here in MSP or even a TV gig of some sort! He has alot to offer our community. Dan, we all miss hearing you! You did not deserve this type of treatment! You are the best and have taught us so much! Thanks!

  8. The most upsetting thing to me is that KTLK doesn’t even bother to inform the listeners on what happened. Take the firing of John Hines for instance. I enjoyed listening to him every day while driving to work. Then one day he is just not on. No explanation on what happened just that, to use one of Jason’s words, boob Landon. The new jack KTLK got to for the massive 7-11am slot is the absolute worst. Chris Baker is a disgusting old man who isn’t fit for a family audience. The powers that be need to understand that there are plenty of other channels to listen to, especially on the AM dial.

  9. I gave up KTLK when they let Dan go. I had his email address so I sent him a note to see what his plans are and what the heck is going on. He then called back and left me a message. Who else would do that? He doesn’t even know me. Anyway, he said that he’s doing fine and sleeping like a baby, a much needed rest that he didn’t get after his brain surgery. He assured me that his plans are to be on the air again someday and would let me know when and where. I believe he was so successful and well liked because he lacked the arrogance that most talk radio guys have. I don’t mind arrogance like Rush has but it’s refreshing to have your first cup of coffee with someon who’s just a regular guy.

  10. I am not happy!! Please tell us where Dan is!!! He was the best!!! Don’t listen to Chris Baker. BORING!!!!!!! Now I have to change stations.

  11. Thanks for the great information Jerene. Just to know that Dan is doing fine and will be back on the aire eventually is great. I always listened to KQ in the morning but when Dan went on @ 5 he got me away from KQ for a couple hours. Let us know when this great guy is back on the aire waves. KTLK is nuts for doing this and what goes around comes around.

  12. Lets all rally together and petition another station to have Dan Conry for a talk show host. I miss him so much in the morning. I keep checking periodically to see if there is good news and Dan is back on somewhere.

  13. I can’t believe they were stupid enough to let Dan Conry go!! He is absolutely the best talk show host ever. I refuse to listen to Langdon Perry and you’re right, the station doesn’t even have the decency to make some sort of announcement. What a shame and a great talent wasted. Dan, if you’re out there, you’ve got lots of friends of your “Blue Collar Common Sense”! Love and best wishes to Dan and Jennifer!

  14. Man…this sucks! Bad business decision Clear Channel! I’ve always liked his style and approach. It was real and straight to the point. I’ll keep my eye out for Dan, a talent like that will find something soon!!! Best of luck Dan!! We’re all pulling for you!!

  15. Matt the Teacher

    I feel like there has been a death in the family. Dan Conry was the entire reason I began listening to KTLK. The big national guys like Rush and Sean can be listened to anywhere and have no where near the originality, humor, candor, and downright “folksiness” of Dan Conry. He has been part of my day for years now and I am saddened for him and the entire community of listeners who enjoyed this refreshing and energetic program. I cannot wait for Dan to turn up on another station and continue to deliver the best radio talk I have heard in decades! A pox upon your house Clear Channel! Good Luck, Dan!

  16. If there is a petition for Dan, I’m on board. Everything you guys have been saying is taking the words right out of my mouth. It’s been hard sticking with KTLK through all of the changes they have made since they started in 2005 I believe. They were great before all of the changes. I kept listening mostly because of Dan. Well guys, I’m through. Done. That’s it. This crosses the line. We should all get the motor running trying to get Dan on another station. For the faithful listeners you guys heard his promos for Lewis and John Hines when they started. He would talk about these “great” new guys coming to KTLK. Did Lewis mention anything of his Dan’s departure? I hope it’s economically feasible for Dan to stay in the Cities. He’s like a big brother and I miss my bro. That’s all I have for now.

  17. A little update guys. I came across an article on the web by Brian Lambert who is another KTLK casualty. Brian wrote about what they did to John Hines and stated that John had a six month non-compete and a six month severence clause in his contract so I imagine Dan will have the same. Looks like it might be a few months before we hear from Dan. I hope Super Dave follows him where ever he goes!

  18. Dan was the best local guy on Ktlk. I started listening to him when he was on 9-11 and then just followed him until he went to 5-7am slot which I think was a ridiculous move on Clear Channel’s part. Dan had a large following and this new guy in the 7-11 slot does not. Dan was way better!

    Not only was Dan better, he had credibility and respect from local officials and state represenatives.

    When I wake up in the morning I have no urge to rush to the radio and turn it on to ktlk. I’m finding Dave Ryan funny these days.

    Bring Dan back!

  19. Does anyone know of anyway to contact Dan Conry? I just want to wish him the best of luck and let him know how much I appreciated him. Does he have a Myspace or anything comparable?

  20. Langdon Perry is a horrible subsitute for Dan Conry. He will be missed.

  21. I miss “Saki Monkey Mondays!!” with Dan and everyone. He really did care about his listeners and whatever they had to say. I wish I got a chance to call him when he was still on air. I really miss listening to Dan and Supa Dave in the morning who made my day go by better. Chris Baker is ok.. but i don’t really get his comedy at times and i find it boring. I-too would like to email and wish him well if anyone has his email. thanks! Peace!

  22. Dan’s non-compete is for 3 months. I heard it from the horse’s mouth. He’ll be back somewhere. I’ve been there since the beginning and am one of the original talkspotters (the online blog the KTLK website has). I’ve been back to KQ ever since Dan left. I honestly hope KTLK dies.

  23. Dan WAS arrogant in his ideas and especially to callers who may have disagreed on certain issues. He shouts down and interrupts people when they try to get even 1 line in.

    I liked some of his ideals and arguments, but generally he was rude the second anyone had a differing viewpoint.

    I’m not surprised this happened.

  24. John Dierbeck

    I started listening to KTLK when I came across John Hines one morning and became a regular morning listener. Small talk that was not so edgy on the way into work. Then John was fired and I just could not take Perry, absolutely boring. I started listening then during the day to Rush, Jason and Dan. I loved Dan as a balance to the hard core Rush and Jason but as an offering it was great. I tried to listen to Dan whenever I could and then he went on at 5 am. What a great way to start the day. I have really tried to stay listening but Baker is “way over the top” and the subject matter that young adult listeners have to bear from him is very offensive to me. I stopped listening to Baker and focused on Dan then Rush. Now Dan is fired. I in turn now have fired KTLK except for Rush. KTLK is doing conservative republican listeners a diservice, Perry is an embarrassment for KTLK and KTLK is mostly hard, edgy and too much for so much of the day. See ya!

  25. I agree. He was rude and on many occassions I would agree with his point and call in, while trying to add a bit of incite, he would either talk over me or mute the call and go to the next caller without me being able to finish.
    It’s talk radio, talking points go both ways.

    I admit, he was a cool guy and had great commentary, but it was all one sided, his way or the highway. Doesn’t make for great talk radio when all we can do is listen.

  26. Darlene Dahle

    KTLK,you have lost me as a listener! Today was more than I could take. What is with this sexist slob Chis Baker?Toay when they sarted talking about “implanting their daughters with Norplants” ” I was so angry I wanted to record it for future legal action.Conservative talk radio should refect the opinions of both men and women.Bring back Dan Conry! These Chris and Langdon clowns are a disgrace. What makes them think they have have the right to tell their daughers they need to “stick somthing up in them to prevent pregnancy” What about caring for your child enough to advise them on,oh,I don`t know,maybe morality? Or how much you love them, and care about thier future?

  27. I really miss listening to Dan Conry and SuperDave in the morning. They were the chief reason I bothered turning on the radio every weekday morning. I thought he was very patient with his callers–even the morons (though there is a point at which you just have to cut your losses and say goodbye). It’s like losing a friend, and I hope to find out where and when else he’ll be on the radio next. KTLK isn’t much worth listening to these days on the weekdays, though I will often tune in for Rush and Glenn Beck.
    I always missed “Jump Around Friday,” too. 😉

  28. All I can say is that Chris Baker is BUNK!

  29. I agree 100% Chris Baker is a BUNK! Does anyone think that some “Left Winger Nut” has purchased Ktalk and wants to get rid of Fair Talk Radio? That is why he/she is now hiring Negative radio hosts so they will lose listeners, in which the ultimate goal is to go off the air? Just sayin’

  30. Miss Dan Conry…..replacement is awful…..Dan was super, a gentleman in true form, how could they let him go? Very unfortunate decision of KTLK. Jason Lewis is their only good program besides nationals.

  31. Dan was great, I dont think he was rude at all, he was very respectful to callers with a different view, but if it was radical, yeah he called you out on it, of course. Langdan by himself does put me to sleep, but him and Chris compliment each other well. At first I thought Chris was annoying and just missed Dan, but I have warmed up to him. Not as informed though as Dan was, dan was hilarious. Sean Hannity can go somewhere else Dan should replace him. I love Glen Beck but why so late? I can’t listen to him while I fall asleep at 10 at night, he makes me laugh too much he seems real and honest. Very bright guy too. I am glad John was gone, we have enough phony djs around talking about stupid stuff, politics and news is where its at. And I am a 25 year old woman saying this but I dont care for shallow talk at all.

  32. It is alarming to see liberal managers and station owners moving toward the left in programming (no one listens to Democrat radio). These liberals are destroying radio stations, destroying shareholder value… all for THEIR idealogy. There is a reason Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are NOT renewing their contracts.

  33. You think Chris Baker is bad. He has Ron Rossenbaum on for him today. Talk about a lib. That guy got canned from 1500 because he so far to the left. As for Laura. I think it might be Cancer pushing her off the air. I didn’t know about Hannity. i wist the Patriot 1280 would go FM. I can’t Pick them up out east.

  34. I met Dan at the Labor Day Victory rally near the RNC convention, and he was enjoying the summer. We asked him if he’d to join our blog, Freedom Dogs and True North and to our delight he accepted.

    Until he’s back on the air, you can enjoy his writings at http://www.freedomdogs.com and http://www.looktruenorth.com

    Our welcome post:

  35. How can clear channel do that to Dan Conry. And how can they give Chris Baker a 7 to 11 slot. He is worse then that Jon Heinz guy. KTLK lost a major listening demograph when Dan was fired.

  36. I tried but I am thru with clear channel and there sponsors. Dan’s firing had me disgruntled, after 5 months I have gone elsewhere. We are very fortunate to live in this media market, lots of great talk radio. I have replaced Baker, Rush, Sean and Jason with Dr. Laura, Joe Soucheray, Dennis Prager, Mark Levin, Micheal Medvid, Christian radio and even a few minutes of Mishke.
    At least I can still listen to Sean on Fox and Rush at his website.
    My wife passed away at 39 suddenly this year. Dan helped me get by, Dan is a short selfless giant. Dan I miss you brother dearly, BE WELL MY FRIEND!

  37. I am trying to be patient but when is Dan going to find an on air home. I miss his show. I also miss Super Dave. Maybe a new year will bring good news for Dan and Super Dave. If anyone gets anymore information let us know. Good luck Dan and Dave!

  38. Check out DanConry.com

    His new show starts on January 19 at 7am on Wright County radio, the Station of the Minnesota Majority.

  39. Jolly news. Dan is back on Twin Cities radio. He is on from 7-9:15 M-F on KRWC AM 1360 and podcast daily through his danconry.com site.

  40. http://www.newstalk1130.com/pages/streaming.html
    Milwaukee WISN talk radio
    sundays 2 to 5
    also, subbing for mark belling today

    check sunday

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