I am honored… but the rules are the rules

I can imagine that most people have heard of Murphy’s law.  Dave Ramsey speaks about “Murphy” often in context of financial events.  My friend Terry Delaney has what he calls Delaney’s Law

He states that Delaney’s law trumps Murphy’s law everytime and that if it doesn’t happen to “Murphy” , it will certainly happen to him and if it does happen to “Murphy”, it will be worse for him.

Well, the last couple of days have made me a believer in Delaney’s Law!   I have been at my present job for over 5 years.  I have worked hard and have done a good job for my employer (Large Fortune 500 company who shall remain nameless)  Earlier this week, a couple of promotions were made in my department, but I was not one of them.  Needless to say, this was very discouraging after being here for 5 + years.

It gets even better… As I was leaving church, one of the gentlemen who serves on our church’s nominating committee stopped to talk to me and asked if I was going to continue with my studies in the Fall.  I told him that I had planned on doing so because I only have 20 credits remaining and I would have my MDiv.  He informed me that I had been nominated as a potential candidate for deacon but because I was still a seminary student (Our church houses the seminary facilities, deacons serve as trustees of seminary) that my nomination could not be considered.  I thanked him for letting me know about this and it was an honor to be considered for such an office in our church.  I told him that I understood that the rules are the rules.  I also told him that being a deacon could potentially be a great experience for a seminary student because it will provide some practical training in ministry matters that would otherwise not be available.

I finished that conversation and met my wife and we proceeded to head home.  When in the car, I told her about what had happened and said that it is typical for me.  I explained Delaney’s law and said that I understood what Terry Delaney was talking about because I was experiencing it first hand.

Oh well, such is life….. I am getting ready to leave for work, I have to stop by the seminary to drop off the last of my assignments.

My dad is arriving in town later this afternoon to attend my graduation and to see his grandson!

Disclaimer:  What I said about Murphy’s law and Delaney’s law is said with a great degree of sarcasm!  I do not really believe in such things….


One response to “I am honored… but the rules are the rules

  1. Neither do I, but I have lived that luck. Matter of fact, I will be writing about it tonight!

    Congratulations on your graduation and I am sorry about your run of ‘luck.’

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