Restaurant Review – Salad Creations

A new restaurant is in our area and we decided last Saturday to try it.  Salad Creations is a new arrival in the Minneapolis area.  We went to the newest location in Maple Grove.  The name of the establishment says it all, you get to create your own salad or you can choose from one of their featured salads.  I like the concept because we do not have many places like Sweet Tomatoes or Souplantation here in our area.

We enjoyed the food but found it to be very expensive and not very kid-friendly.  Here is what our meal consisted of

1- Create Your own Salad with Grilled Chicken      $9.24

1 – Cup of Soup – Baja Chicken                              $3.49

1 – Chic to be Greek Salad                                      $6.99

1 – Cup of Soup – Chili                                           $3.49

2 Drinks                                                                  $4.58

Total was $27.79 and the obligatory sales tax was $1.81 bringing the grand total to $29.60

My salad was so expensive because they charge a base price of 6.99 and then $2.25 for a protein like chicken.  There was plenty of food and I ate all of it because I was very hungry, but the price left me wondering.  We each tried a different soup, they were also very good but way overpriced.  I could get the same quantity of soup for a much cheaper price at the cafeteria where I work.

The staff was very friendly and nice.  The restaurant itself was very well maintained and clean.  When we visited they had been open exactly one week.

We ended up sharing some of our food with our son who is 2.  That was not enough to feed him, so we had to stop elsewhere to obtain additional food for him.

Overall, I would recommend this place, but with fair warning about the prices!

See my updated post on another visit dated August 17th!


UPDATE:  I found out that the Maple Grove location of Salad Creations is now closed and out of business as of the end of January 2011.


2 responses to “Restaurant Review – Salad Creations

  1. There are going to be 5 Salad Creations opening up here in California soon, and there is 1 that already exists in Palm Desert, CA. There won’t be one opening up in my area, because The Souplantation would put them out of business. You do get more for your money at Souplantation, and they are kid friendly.

  2. I have found this to be one of the best restaurants I have seen in a very long time. It is about time we have something like this. I got a salad with meat for about seven dollars and it was plenty of food. I think at any restaurant you can spend a lot of money but once you get to know the menu it is easy to avoid all the add ons. This is not a salad bar restaurant but they have staff that makes your food. I would recommend this to anyone to try. It is to expensive to go to Lunds or Byerlys to get a salad. I also do not want to buy all the ingredients for at home so this is just perfect.

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