Great in the late ’80s but largely irrelevant now

This is my description of Fuddruckers.  We went to one that is located near where we live.  Last Saturday, we decided to try to new Sonic Drive-In that opened up recently in our area.  When we got there, we saw that the wait was going to be longer than we had expected.  At that point, we decided to go elsewhere and we ended up at Fuddruckers.

I can remember many years ago, when living in Southern California when Flakey Jakes and Fuddruckers went head to head.  The concept that each of them presented was new for the time and the competition was fierce.  Each place had its pros and cons.

Walking into this Fuddruckers brought back memories of the late 80’s and then reality kicked in!  It was lunchtime and there was hardly anyone in there on a Saturday!  The food was okay, nothing spectacular, but also very expensive.  While waiting, I looked around and was wondering how a chain that was so popular in the late 80’s (at least in Southern California) seems to be largely irrelevant now?

Maybe you have a comment regarding this.  I would like to hear your opinion.  Maybe I am right or maybe I am wrong?


One response to “Great in the late ’80s but largely irrelevant now

  1. Fuddruckers might have been empty, due to the current economic status. I know that here in California many popular restaurants are not as busy, because we are paying $4.59 a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline!
    The economy was better in the late 80’s, but also I think we are getting accustomed to having so many more choices today…perhaps it’s irrelevant, because we are looking for the latest and next best thing.

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