SBC Conservative Resurgence and Great Commission Resurgence

I have heard these two terms a lot recently because I have been listening to some podcasts from the recent Founders Conference.  For the record, I am not a Southern Baptist, but I do have friends that are part of the SBC.  I appreciate the work of what Founders is attempting to do, but as an outsider (I am a Baptist) I have to ask the questions:

1) Why all of this talk about a conservative resurgence and great commission resurgence?  Did the SBC lose the Bible somewhere along the way?  I figured that the SBC would have been just as devoted to the Great Commission as anyone else, maybe even more so because of the sheer size of the denomination itself.

2) I also heard a lot of emphasis on church renewal?   I am still trying to figure out what was actually meant by this terminology.

My intention is not to offend in asking these questions, but trying to understand the use and possible overuse of such terminology and how that it can be somewhat confusing to those of us who are outside of the SBC, but still interested.


One response to “SBC Conservative Resurgence and Great Commission Resurgence

  1. I will give a shot at it in brief.

    1. The CR (Conservative Resurgence) was necessary because Southern Baptists in the 20th century, especially the seminaries, did not believe in the inerrancy in authority of Scripture. The battle of 1979-present was a battle over the Bible (formal material principle.

    2. The GCR (Great Commission Resurgence) is a renewal movement that seeks to apply what the Bible actually says (material principle), especially in regards to the Great Commission. Southern Baptists have, in recent years, had a very poor record when it comes to the kind of evangelism we have been practicing that corresponds to our poor understanding of the gospel (or loss thereof). As a result, Southern Baptists have been fracturing by focusing on nonessentials (such as private prayer languages, Calvinism, alcohol, etc.). The renewal is a reorientation back to the center–the gospel–and to unite a broken convention under the call that we all must embrace.

    Of course, books have been written on this, so this summary is in no means a complete answer. But perhaps it is a start.

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