Overheard on the KNX Business Hour

Many of you may or may not know that I am originally from Southern CA and grew up listening to KNX AM 1070. Now with the advent of technology, I can listen to KNX via the Internet and download various podcasts.

I enjoy listening to the KNX Business Hour with Frank Mottek. Today I was listening to Monday’s podcast and overheard the following statement made by Jim Murphy, UK Minister for Europe,

“We are spending too much money on energy.  Too many of our citizens are spending too much on energy.”

Was he making a statement that energy prices are too high?  Or was he trying to say that we were spending too much and causing global warming or climate change?

I tend to think the latter, since most everyone in Europe and the UK has drank the Kool-Aid regarding the junk “science” of global warming.

Why doesn’t Mr. Murphy tell Al Gore that he is consuming too much energy?  Because liberals want YOU to change YOUR lifestyle and sacrifice, but they will keep their gas guzzling, energy wasting lifestyle.

Another question is, “If people are willing to pay for whatever energy they consume, then Mr. Murphy, How much is too much?” I don’t think the question can be answered, because it is not up to us or anyone else to pass judgment on someone elses energy usage if they are the one having to pay for it.


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