Sonic – Worth the Hype?

Last Friday, my family and I ventured over to St. Paul to try to the new Sonic Drive-In.  We had to wait in line for a short period of time, then we found a car stall where we could order and eventually eat our food.  Most people know, I am not big on eating food in the car either while it is moving or stationary.  I like to eat where I can enjoy it.   We placed our order and patiently waited for our food.  Our order was delivered to us by one of their car-hops who was very courteous and accurate (he made sure that our order was correct).  We began to eat our food and I noticed that they did not leave the tray on the side of the car to help out with food placement and the biggest problem, they did not give us any napkins!

We headed back home and encountered a huge thunderstorm in route.  Once home, I reflected that the food was okay (nothing special).   I had previously lived in an area that had Sonic, so this was not a big deal to me.  I was glad that my wife and son were able to enjoy it.  If I want to go again, I will wait until they build one closer to where we live!


2 responses to “Sonic – Worth the Hype?

  1. I’m personally a Sonic fan.

  2. I’m more of a Fanny Crosby fan than a Sonic fan. Although, Sonic is good. I found your site because I liked your post about Fanny Crosby and how we should appreciate her work and her circumstances instead of trying to nitpick her to death until we call her a flaming heretic.

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