T-Mobile @ Home Nightmare Over – We have phone service!!!

Finally after many weeks and countless numbers of hours on the phone and in the store


Finally, it was a simple fix that I am surprised was overlooked, but usually it is the little things that trip us up!

This afternoon, I received a call from Rachel @ T-Mobile’s @ Home Advanced Technical Support and she asked me to check and see if two ports were opened:  UDP port 500 and UDP port 4500.  I called a friend who knows more about this stuff than I do and he told me what I needed to do to open those ports.  Once I did that, my son Joseph noticed the blue light on the router (he calls it an iRouter)and then I made a couple of calls.

The quality is great and it sounds like a regular phone….

Thanks to everyone who has been reading about this and I am glad that I was able to possibly help in some small way if you were experiencing the same problems.

Now we shall see how long this will last….so far so good…  It is great to be re-connected so to speak.

Kudos to Rachel @ T-Mobile’s At Home Advanced Technical Division for giving me the tip!


3 responses to “T-Mobile @ Home Nightmare Over – We have phone service!!!

  1. Thanks for this info on the UDP ports! You likely just saved me a long time on the phone with t-mobile tech support!

    • Glad to help. I am a bit disappointed that T-Mobile no longer sells this service and I am not sure how long they will provide support for it…

  2. All I can say! THANKS FOR THE Port Info!

    Its 12/24/2012 & we still have the @Home service for only 5Bucks!

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