Salad Creations – Revisited

Our family stopped by the Maple Grove Salad Creations today for lunch after the morning church service.  We have been back a few times prior to this, but I wanted to write about this experience because I think that it is important to be fair when doing reviews.  I may have been a bit hard on this place when they first opened, but I think that they have made some improvements worth noting.

They now have kids meals!  My son enjoyed a nice PBJ sandwich along with a drink.

They have avocado!  My wife and I both had half an avocado added in our salads!  This was a great improvement, especially since all of us love a good avocado, not to mention the obvious health benefits.

The lady behind the counter was so nice and gracious in serving us today.  She remembered us when we came in because my son kept mentioning crackers and she remembered that she had given him some crackers on one of our prior visits!  She also noticed that he loves croutons (probably unusual for a two-year old to love croutons and avocadoes!) and she took a small dish and gave him some croutons, that really made an impression on him and I made sure that he thanked her properly for the croutons.

Food is great, but a bit more spendy than the average meal out (either fast food or casual dining).

Well worth a visit if you live near one of these establishments!


UPDATE:  I found out that the Maple Grove location of Salad Creations is now closed and out of business as of the end of January 2011.


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