A quick late-night post

Just a few things…

– We have been going through a series on evangelism in our ABF class.  I have been praying for the Lord to give me opportunities to share the Gospel with people, realizing that this will take time in building a relationship with people rather than ramming the Gospel down their throat… Just today, we were at the park and we were able to strike up a conversation with a lady that lives in the same complex, different building than we do.  It all came about as my son was playing with her daughter and she started a conversation with my wife and then pretty soon all three of us were talking as we walked back from the park to the complex.  Hopefully, my wife will see them again at the park!  Tonight, as I was taking out the trash, I met a gentleman who was moving in down the hall from us, he is from Burma (Myanmar) and has been here for 9 yrs.  He speaks very good English and was very friendly when we were talking.  His wife is coming to be with him here in the US, they have been separated for three years.  Another opportunity.  Please pray that God will allow us to build some relationships with these people right here in our complex, one right down the hall.  If anyone knows where I can learn a bit more about Burmese culture, so as not to do anything unknowingly to offend our neighbor but gain an opportunity to share Christ, let me know!

– Seminary started back this week and things will be busy, even though I am only taking two classes this semester.  One of those classes is Hebrew and most everyone realizes how intense language study can be.

I have to go for now…. but thanks for reading!


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