Nothing like a good punch in the gut to get the day started!

Well, I was checking my email this morning and I saw something that caught my attention.  It was an email regarding a recent job that I had applied for internally.  I have been waiting since June and had not heard anything.  Well, this was disappointing.  Another stupid form letter!  One of the lines caught my attention: ” your qualifications were impressive”  Well, they must not have been that impressive if I did not get the job!

I guess in order to get ahead where I work, one must be stupid, uneducated and young.

I am very discouraged about this because it seems that I am in “no-man’s land”  Even though I have an M.A., it is not in business or accounting, it is in theology.  It means nothing to the secular employer.  Also, conversely, I do not have any ministerial opportunities at all either ( no one is beating down my door to hire me in the area where I do have a degree)

It is hard when the area you are trained in, there are no opportunities and it seems that no one takes you seriously.  It is equally discouraging to work your hardest, do your best, sacrifice time because projects have to be completed only to be rewarded with rejection.  I have received great reviews and have done well (so I thought).  I have watched other people with less education(no college), less experience move right on up into great opportunities.

Makes you wonder if hard work is really worth it anymore, only to be “rewarded” with “rejection”


2 responses to “Nothing like a good punch in the gut to get the day started!

  1. Re: ” your qualifications were impressive”

    Don’t be discouraged by that … I’ve had scores of those. Also if they said something like “wow were you stupid to think you are qualified for this job”, it would really irritate you.

    The other … be patient.

  2. Hang in there; I’ve gotten a few like those at times as well, including from a few possible employers where my skills would have been a perfect fit. Not coincidentally, I’ve also heard that some of them were using resume scanning equipment that more or less looks for keywords–you don’t speak the exact same dialect as they do, and you can be Isaac Newton being found unqualified for a position teaching physics, or C.H. Spurgeon unqualified as a pastor.

    See if you can find out who the hiring managers are and put your resume on their desk through a sympathetic co-worker.

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