Have you ever felt like you just don’t fit?

Ponder this question and I will elaborate later on……

Here is my elaboration…..

I have never really felt like I “fit” in the secular world… I work a secular job, but it is mainly for economic necessity to pay the bills and to support the family.  It is not my desire to work at this job for my life, I acknowledge that it is definitely not my calling.  I am currently finishing my MDiv degree (finish in 2010) and I just finished my M.A. degree in May (after six years)  I know that God has called me to ministry, otherwise I would not be going through the rigors and sacrifice of seminary training.

But I sometimes feel like Thomas Payne (a man without a country) I feel like I am in between both worlds at times.  I feel like I am on the outside looking in at ministry because of the lack of full-time opportunities currently.  I feel like I am not a vital part of my current job because of the lack of opportunities for advancement and promotion ( it seems that you have to be young and uneducated to get ahead where I work, an M.A. is of no value to them)

I sometimes wonder where I fit..

My wife and I were talking the other day about how we know a lot of people, but that knowledge is mainly a surface knowledge or we just interact with those people at church.  It also forced us to take a look at who our friends are and what kind of relationships that we share with them.  Undoubtedly, some of this introspection is necessary so that we are not stagnant, but also helps us to assess where we are.  Part of the issue could be that we are busy with too many things that in the end we do not have time for meaningful fellowship ( not socializing– there is a difference!- people try to pass off what is considered to be socializing as fellowship, more later!)  Now comes the hard part, how to transition beyond the surface, casual relationships with people into true God-honoring Biblical friendships?

Just some thoughts for a Thursday….


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