Rockford Baptist Church

This morning I had the opportunity to preach at Rockford Baptist Church just west of the Twin Cities in Rockford, MN.   They have voted in a new pastor who will be on site in November and their previously scheduled pulpit supply had backed out on them on Friday.  I was to be there for Sunday School, AM and PM Services.  With the low attendance — they cancelled their Sunday evening service.  In Sunday School besides me, there were 3 adults in attendance and 4 children.  In the morning service, the number grew to around 23 including me.  They even had some visitors this morning, some folks from Indiana with their adult children who live in the Albertville area.

Since this was the first time I have ever had the opportunity to speak three times in the same day at the same place, I wanted to bring three different messages that were somewhat inter-related.  My plan was to bring a lesson in Sunday School about the gospel from II Timothy 1:8-14 and then in the AM Service bring a message from James 1:21-27 Hearers or Doers? – Three Powerful Paradoxes and then conclude with the PM service with a message from Romans 1 – What you believe determines how you behave.  Well, I was able to accomplish the Sunday School and the AM Sermon.  I was really ready to preach and was somewhat disappointed that they were cancelling the evening service, but I was thankful for the two opportunities that I did have.

I will post my outlines in the Papers section on the blog sometime tonight.

I really enjoyed preaching and teaching.  The last time I had preached in a church setting was November 2007 at Fourth Baptist Church, so it had been a while.  My voice was not as strong as I would have liked it to have been, but I think part of it was the damp conditions that were present this morning and it was a bit on the colder side in the building.  Plus, I have not been accustomed to speaking multiple times in the same day.  I guess that is something you work towards when you are doing it consistently week in and week out.

I look forward to other potential opportunities to preach in the near future.  Thanks to Rockford Baptist Church for the opportunity to minister the Word this morning!


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