Saturday stuff

Well, I am back and feeling much better after the round of sickness that went through our house last week.  I will spare the details, but suffice it to say, that it started with my son and ended with my wife last week.  I was caught in the middle and thankfully, we did not have seminary classes that week, but I still went to work.

I always appreciate good customer service.  In this day of “customer no-service” when someone goes the extra effort, it is good to recognize them.  We go to the local Salad Creations near us in Maple Grove from time to time.  Last Friday evening, Joseph and I went over there to pick up some food.  When we walked in, we were instantly recognized by the owner/manager and she knew that Joseph likes croutons, and she gave him a small dish of them to take home.  He smiles real big, but is very shy when it comes to saying thank you, which we are working on.

Fast forward one week, all of us went there for dinner last night and she recognized us again and gave Joseph “his usual” as she called it.

Thanks to the Maple Grove Salad Creations folks and their wonderful customer service.  It is a pleasure to go into an establishment and to be treated kindly and to be recognized as a repeat, loyal, faithful customer!

I have been working a lot of overtime and the government has been taking more than their fair share also. I am not against paying taxes, but when I work overtime, it seems like the government keeps most of that money and it does not look like I even worked the extra hours!

Seminary is moving along.  I think I am finally understanding Hebrew!


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