What a waste of money

I think most people are probably ready for the election to be over since it has been at a fever-pitch for about eighteen months now.  We have heard every sort of accusation thrust out over the radio and televsion airwaves.  Undoubtedly, some of them are true, some are false, and most are exagerrated.  What would be interesting is if organizations or candidates would have to pay fines for putting out blatant and false accusations.  Probably won’t happen anytime soon because the laws on political speech are pretty liberal at best.

What I have been irritated with is the sheer number of political flyers that arrive in our mailbox each day and have now for a couple of weeks.  There have been so many of them on a daily basis that they have overtaken the real mail.  These flyers are the epitome of junk mail.  Do the people and organizations that put these flyers out think that they are really going to change anyone’s mind with a pithy flyer?  I don’t think so, but I would be willing to hear the other side on this one.  I have been putting them in my shred pile and when I get ready to shred, my shredder will get a really good workout and I will have done my part for the environment by shredding these things and putting them in the recycling bin.  See, conservatives can do their part for the environment!

At last count through today’s mail, we have received a grand total of thirty-nine flyers.  I realize that most of these are mailed at the non-profit bulk rate which is much cheaper than first class mail, but I know that producing these flyers and printing them is not cheap.  Isn’t there another way than wasting money by filling our mailboxes with flyers that go directly to the round file or in this case, the shredder….

Stay tuned… we will probably get more in Monday and Tuesday’s mail…

Once Tuesday is over, we will either be happy or disappointed, but we all must do our part to vote and vote responsibly.


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